Why should you protect your advertising campaigns from Click Fraud?

5 min readJul 15, 2022


There is a rising demand for advertising compared to organic growth. However, this rising demand comes with a risky business, Click Fraud

there is a rising demand for advertising campaigns compared to organic growth. However, at the same time, the threat to advertising campaigns also increased. In the last quarter of 2021 the advertising industry has seen $35 billion in losses due to click fraud.

It’s one of the important reasons to hire a reputed Google Partner like UTDS Optimal Choice, we’re a Google Partner and an advertising expert who can secure your Google Ads and Social Media Ads from such click frauds.

Here we are going to point out, How click frauds are ruining your ad performance and wasting your money on ad spending?

Why should you protect your advertising campaigns from click fraud?

What is Click Fraud?

In simple words, Click Fraud is used to create a click interaction with your online ad, without any Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) for the click made or conversion.

For example: Online Advertising is mostly Pay Per Click (PPC), where you allocate a budget and pay for every click over the ad you placed. Click frauds use this opportunity to create fake click interaction with your ads, where your Ad performance shows that you received a lot of clicks, yet still there won’t be any visitors to your sites or sales or conversions through these clicks.

These Click fraud actions can be found in both Google Ads and Social Media Ads.

In the final quarter of 2021 Facebook removed almost 5.6 Billion bots which were causing click fraud in Facebook and Instagram advertising. That’s 71% of the world’s entire population.

What’s the impact of Click fraud in advertising?

Other than emptying your wallet without any ROI or conversion, there is more to it.

Advertising campaigns are usually run by data-driven decisions, where one gets to test their online ad and gather data to place further online ads over the performance report. Due to these Click Frauds, new advertisers, startups, and companies are stranded out of nowhere without further growth through advertising.

As of now in the first quarter of 2022, the cost of Click fraud is expected to top $20 Billion, lack of data for future ad placements, and most important of all, rising concern over major Online Advertising platforms.

Types of Click Frauds

Malicious Click Fraud

A user who deliberately clicks your ads to waste your ad budget and improve their ad ranking or force you to remove the ad from specific keywords, locations, pages etc… The user can either be your competitor or your unsatisfied customer.

Passive Click Fraud

These Click Fraud might look random, the real motive of the passive click fraud is to collect the data you have on your website as well as the performance data gathered through the ad you place. In other words, they’re called the web scrapers looking to collect data from high-ranking ads and sell it to the highest bidder.

Manual Click Fraud

Manual Click Fraud is similar to malicious click fraud, where a user deliberately tries to drain your wallet. Manual click frauds hold just 5% of the click frauds happening in advertising platforms.

Automatic Click Fraud

Automatic Click frauds are none other than bots, which hold almost 95% of click frauds happening on advertising platforms. From time to time, Google and Social Media Platforms upgrade their advertising platforms to save user ads from click frauds. Yet still, you should always check out a Google Partner company like UTDS Optimal Choice which also secures your ads and saves your money from getting drained through Click Frauds.

You might have an important question, Why isn’t Google doing enough to protect Ads from Click fraud? Why aren’t Social Media Platforms doing enough to protect ads from click frauds? Well, that’s a good question, they can’t truly identify a bot or user click frauds unless a bot has damaged more advertising campaigns and a user who has already clicked an ad more times deliberately just to drain the company’s budget in advertising. So it’s basically not foolproof, it’s better to protect your ads by working with reputed Google Partner UTDS Optimal Choice who provides the value for what you invest in advertising.

Top 3 ways to easily identify Click Frauds

Conversion Rate

Do check your conversion rate by comparing it with the number of clicks you have received for the Ad. If you have a sudden spike in the clicks without any conversion, then your ad is targeted by click frauds and you can expect future click frauds too.

Bounce Rate

Do check your bounce rate in Google Analytics, most of the manual click frauds can be easily identified through bounce rate. A higher bounce rate will drag down your website ranking, so check if you have received frequent visits from the same visitor or more visitors who haven’t stayed more than a minute on your website.

Football clubs and Investors face this issue frequently whenever fans want to make their club or investors back down from a decision they make, as bots and manual users rain in through clicking ads and leaving websites within a few seconds. It makes the website rank lower for specific search terms as Google Algorithm marks it as irrelevant to user search terms.

Click through Rate (CTR)

You can easily identify Click Frauds, through a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) which occurs from time to time. Do compare it with your other campaigns targeting similar keywords, search queries, audiences etc…

How UTDS Optimal Choice can protect your Advertising campaigns from Click fraud?

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