Top 5 most demanded skills to find a Job

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In current world scenario, there are two things that are unspoken and overlooked. One is job and other is skill. In this Article, I am going to let you know about the top 5 most demanded skills to find a Job.

Top 5 most demanded skills to find a Job

Hiring trend used to shift from time to time based on technological advancement. The first thing one has to understand is, as the technology advances, certain jobs will disappear and will create the need for specific skill related job.

How Job requirements shifted as per technological advancement?

The first set of job hiring was entirely based on “Workload”, which occurred in a pre-advancement era, where the work or job were entirely related to the need for more number of workers or employees to complete a job. Secondly, after the first advancement, the job hiring was entirely based on “Workload + Skill Trainee”, at this stage the World was growing into first phase of technological advancement. Where companies focused on hiring more number of employees and as well as train those employees with necessary skills to get the job done.

Now we’re in the third stage, where companies reduced their focus in training employees, rather they’ve shown interest in hiring “Skilled Employees” or “Employees with experience in specific skills”. (Then there is upcoming Fourth Stage which is “Skills + Creativity”, I will let you know about that in another post)

Here are the Top 5 most demanded skills to find a Job

Digital Advertising

There are two types of advertising, Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising. Even though traditional advertising has some lesser known impact over customers in increasing sales, the digital advertising has surpassed in generating revenue. Compared to the cost involved in traditional advertising. Here is a data from Statista

Here are the Top 5 most demanded skills to find a Job Digital Advertising

This report is based on advertising spend, which doesn’t have specifics. However, it points out the need for advertising and increasing demand for advertisers with skills who can help companies generate more revenue.

Data on Digital Advertising Spend :

Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising varies based on the location, even though you might believe Google is the most used search engine. What If I said, certainly not.

There are other search engines which are most preferred as per the location like Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Duck Duck Go, and Yahoo. Here are the courses offered by each search engine platform for free, well most of them are free

Google Advertising Courses — Skill shop

You can use skill shop to learn every advertising method that can be used in Google and it’s platforms like YouTube, registered website for ads etc.. Each and every advertising skill that you learn through Google Skill Shop is always in demand due to rising number of Google Search Engine Users. It’s completely free of cost, it costs you just some time to learn.

I preferred to complete and get certified in Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, and Shopping Ads(ongoing) .

Bing Advertising — Learning Lab

I haven’t really tried Bing advertising, yet still 1 in 5 companies I’ve come across requires Bing advertising skill in certain parts of European and American Market. However, in recent times, the rising demand for Bing advertising in Asian region says otherwise.

Yandex Advertising— Yandex Edu

Yandex search engine focuses on Russian Market and the surrounding regions. I have always been intrigued with their analytics and the platform that has wide range of tools or features like Google. If you’re focusing on Russian Market, Yandex can help you with advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram Advertising— Facebook Blueprint

You can use Facebook blueprint to get certified in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Courses are completely free, however getting certified through exam costs around $50 something. Facebook Advertising is similar to Google Advertising, just few targeting and data set method varies.

I haven’t got certified in yet, however completed the courses within it under the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate Section. Have to take exam soon

LinkedIn Advertising — LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Some companies advertising preferences vary based on their requirements like D2C, B2B, B2C etc.. In such cases, when a company wants to target business decision makers. LinkedIn is the best place to do so, where you can target an audience using the job position in the company and even target an audience based on their seniority in the company. LinkedIn advertising has interesting methods like AND and OR method.

I got certified in LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and LinkedIn Marketing Strategy (ongoing)

Ecommerce Advertising

Amazon Advertising — Learning Console

It’s the most demanded advertising skill of all, even though there are companies like Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce etc.. They all have a common feature called Multichannel Selling where a customer can list out their product in multiple selling platforms like Amazon, Facebook Shopping, Etsy etc… So one in 3 online sellers use Amazon as their selling platform.


Copywriter, Content Writer, and Technical Writer are always in demand. Even though there are many AI tools that can create content with specific keywords. Companies prefer manual Writers with experience in creating quality content. Where a content should provide both solution and generate interests among the readers to scroll through or subscribe to the newsletter.

You can gain content writing experience through creating contents on daily basis. Choose a Niche, Share your opinion, find references from a solid source, and convey what’s best for the reader


Recent web advancement and entire dependence over online platform has created wide range of job opportunities for developers. As per Hyperlink Info system and Turing, the demanded for developers has risen the bar throughout the world.

As long as there is WWW, the demand for developers will never reduce. The important thing is, What kind of developer are you? Do go through the, understand their frequent requirements for developers, get trained in it using Freelance platforms or Internships.

Scrum Master

In recent years, Agile Methodology, Scrum Master and Sprint Cycle has taken the lead as most demanded skill in IT companies. I don’t have much idea about Scrum Master, people with coding knowledge can easily gain a knack over it. Yet, still Documenting the entire client requirements is the most needed skill to become a Scrum Master.

Sales and Marketing

Whatever the era you’re in, sales and marketing skill are always in demand. There is even a quote about the demand for manufacturer and as well as the marketer

Manufactures and sellers are always twice the marketers, the demand hasn’t faded for years

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