The Love of Wanderlust

What’s a better way to connect with your destination, as if you lived there?

Tips to master the skills of travelling like a local

We love to travel from time to time, as a beautiful wanderlust butterfly trying to explore every destination from rough desert to the mountain of snow. Pandemic & Lockdown have shut the cage of wanderlust dreams for many, but as a ray of hope, countries are paving their way for explorers as Covid cases are reducing in certain countries.

As the poets' quote, Wanderlust leave a trail, to create a path for the love of exploring

You, Me & Everyone is a wanderlust unless we forget to admire the beauty of this earth. When was the last time, we as humans felt grateful for what we’ve & when was the last time we admired the creations of the creator who created us.

Admiration & Gratefulness was always the leader to guide a human into the realm of Humanity . I wouldn't compare “Explorers who went in search of gold as wanderlust”, I wouldn't compare “Explorers who went in search of slaves & land as wanderlust”.

Wanderlust are always in search of new places to feed their desire & love over nature

Just another random post , writing in a wonderful mood

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