New Era of Seasons with Shifting Climate

2 min readJul 3, 2021

In Recent years, we’ve seen the rising natural disasters around Worldwide from drought to forest fire. And the Major Problem of them all has Just begun.

Whenever we hear about natural disaster. First thing, that comes in our mind is Tsunami or Forest Fire or Landslide or Earthquake or any term defining destruction caused by nature.

But according to Me, Natural Disaster is none other than Man Made Disaster

New Era of Seasons

What happened in Canada recently, a sudden increase of temperature leading to Forest / Village Fire is also a reason behind shifting temperatures.

A Research Article Compiled by The Guardian, regarding the incident have made tractions WorldWide.

Canada is a warning and it can happen to any country around the world

If you’ve gone through news articles related to Snow on Desert & Flood in Desert. It might give you an idea, how bad the weather is shifting from one origin to another

Sahara the Beauty of Dry Land

In Jan 2021, one of the rare incidents ever happened is “snow in Sahara”. An Incident that made climate activists tremble, Sahara has always ranked being top of the list for the most dry land found in Earth.

How to stop this

People have been fighting against governments to stop destroying the environment, as a result of that many countries banned plastics & dumping wastes in ocean.

Whenever I see the tweets made by the Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos & other corporates, on migrating to Mars. I never think it’s a Joke, Humans are more powerful than nuke in destroying

A Government Body or scientists can’t change what is happening. Only the people can, only the people who dream of a future for their kids can.

  • Stop Dumping Wastes in Ocean
  • Reduce usage of plastics
  • Grow Trees
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission

If we follow the above steps, we could bring the change soon & the nature will handle the rest. Due to COVID-19, as the entire Industrial World was in Lockdown. There was an improvement in Global Air Quality Index. I hope you understand

Are you aware? There is no planet B

Disclaimer : This is not a blog post with Well written phrases, Just sharing my thoughts.




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