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Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Investments: Why Cryptocurrency Is Not the Answer to the USD Economic Crunch

Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Investments: Why Cryptocurrency Is Not the Answer to the USD Economic Crunch

Let me cut to the chase, I have already shared a small post about “Why you shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrency?” Once the post was published, in few days the cryptocurrency started to take a major hit. I didn’t predict nor forecast the future, hope whoever read it took necessary actions to save themselves from the hit.

Shifting Course of Economic Globalization

I hope most of you know, What’s happening to the US currency? and How it’s alliance countries have started to step back from US and join Russia and China?

Ya you heard that right. Russia and China are leading BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Saudi Arabia). This BRICS organization is chaired by the Russia and China. Yet, US thought it would stop with just 5 countries, however many countries from the African continent have expressed their support to join BRICS.

“ Kenyan President shared in his latest speech, whoever works on numbers and holds USD. Make sure to stay safe, in few weeks the USD will face major losses and most importantly Kenya is about to import Oil only through the regional currency Kenyan Shilling”

Was that surprising? Here is the most surprising thing, after NORD gas line blast, whole of Europe started to part away from US and lean towards Russia who kept his word and supported Europe with gas while US threatened to pass sanctions over the countries that imported from Russia. However, some countries that still depend on US for aid, hasn’t found support from Russia. Like Germany.

“Ah forgot to share the surprising part. France started to trade with China in the regional currency”

New World Order

More and more economical experts have pointed out, major developing countries are starting to join Russia and China, is worrying to US. Which affects the USD and paves way for US economy bubble blast.

Countries that have openly supported BRICS;

  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • France

Countries that are about to join BRICS;

  • Mexico — ( Now US is threatening to go to war against them, in the name of hunting Drug lords)
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • and many neighboring countries of Russia as well. The numbers claim to be more than 20 countries in the waiting list to join BRICS and the norms are being prepared for them.

The list is to big, so let me say it in a single word “US is getting ISOLATED

What’s happening to Cryptocurrency?

Out of panic, people have started to invest their USD in different assets. More precisely only few US news channels are claiming, Cryptocurrency is gaining support from many countries. Which lead many believe, Cryptocurrency is going to save their future? Isn’t that foolish?

I am not going to say, you shouldn’t invest in Cryptocurrency. It’s completely your choice, your money. Let me say this once;

  • Russia →Currency backed by natural resources including OIL, Gas, GOLD etc..
  • China →Currency backed by Natural Resources including OIL, Tech, Manufacturing, GOLD etc..
  • US →Currency backed by Oil in Saudi Arabia
  • Cryptocurrency → Currency backed up by people wealth (No solid assets)

What lead to US currency downfall? Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to trade in Dollars anymore and it has joined BRICS. So it officially removes the value that was backing up the USD.

Similar question to you, What is backing up the cryptocurrency? Do the math and don’t end up in the street? After FTX crash, none of the governments bothered to take responsibility, because it’s a private business. You people invested in a business not a government backed currency. So when a private business owner falls, it’s just another news and few court room arguments, Government takes no responsibility which means you ain’t getting back the money that disappeared in thin air.

My Personal Advice

Invest in Gold or Silver or international currency that looks promising compared to USD. Don’t go for properties. Because, once the economy takes a hit, it affects the pricing evaluation of the properties and similarly it doesn’t affect valuable metals like Gold and Silver. Because it’s an international currency, and the prices never soar.

“If some of the above phrases sounded rude, pardon me. Sometimes, the facts sound more rude than soft-coated lies”


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