Do you know? Google to Drop Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

4 min readJun 6, 2024


Is your website mobile-friendly? Google may remove non-mobile friendly websites from search! Get mobile-optimized now.

Do you ever use your phone or tablet to look things up online? Most people do these days! Phones and tablets are really convenient for searching the internet when you’re not at a computer.

But have you noticed that some websites don’t look quite right or are hard to use on a small mobile screen? That’s because they weren’t made to be mobile friendly. The words and pictures might be too tiny, the menus hard to click, and the pages take forever to load.

Well, Google has realized this is a big problem. So they’ve decided that starting on July 5th, 2024, they are going to stop indexing any websites that aren’t mobile friendly when people search on their phones or tablets!

Do you know? Google to Drop Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

Why Is Google Doing This?

Do you know? Google to Drop Non-Mobile Friendly Websites
Posted by John Mueller, Search Advocate, Google Switzerland. Check the complete Mobile First Google Guidelines here

These days, more than half of all internet browsing happens on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers. Google wants to make sure that when you search on your phone, you can easily view and use the websites that show up. They want you to have a good experience online, whether on a big screen or a small one.

So websites that look bad or are too hard to use on a mobile device won’t be included in Google’s mobile search results anymore after July 5th. That means way fewer people will be able to find your website and fewer website traffic!

What Happens If Your Site Isn’t Mobile Ready?

If you have a website that isn’t set up to work well on phones and tablets, then after July 5th it will basically disappear from Google searches done on those mobile devices. That’s really bad because it means tons of people looking on their phones won’t be able to find your site at all.

It will be like your website is invisible to anyone googling on their mobile! You’ll get way less visitors and probably lose out on lots of customers and money. No business wants that to happen!

Think about how many times you and your friends use phones to look something up online. If a website doesn’t work properly on those small screens, you’ll just get frustrated and go somewhere else instead. That’s why mobile friendly website are so important now.

No one wants their website to vanish like that. So it’s really important to get your site mobile-friendly as soon as possible, before Google’s changes happen in just a month.

How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

The good news is, there are some pretty simple things you can do to make sure your website look perfect and work great on any phone, tablet, or other mobile gadget:

  1. Use a responsive web design that automatically fits different screen sizes
  2. Make sure your pages load really fast on mobile connections
  3. Use big easy-to-read text and buttons instead of tiny ones
  4. Check that all your images, videos, and other media show up properly
  5. Test how your site looks on various mobile devices like iPhones and Androids

Google has tools you can use to see if your website is truly mobile-friendly or if there are any issues to fix. They really want to help site owners get ready before the changes in July.

Following these tips will ensure your site is SEO optimized for every mobile device out there. That way, anyone visiting on their smartphone or tablet will have no problems at all viewing your full website and all its content.

Staying Mobile-Ready for the Future

Google has realized that more and more of our internet time happens on our portable phones and tablets instead of desktop computers. They call this the “mobile first” world we now live in.

Mobile devices are only going to keep getting more popular for browsing the web, watching videos, reading news, shopping, and everything else online. Google wants to make mobile searching as good as possible.

So this change to stop showing unfriendly mobile sites is a really big deal. If you have a website, you need to make sure it can be properly viewed and used on any mobile gadget. Otherwise, loads of potential visitors and customers won’t even know your site exists when they google on their phones!

Imagine you’re at the park or mall and want to quickly look something up. You pull out your phone to search, but a bunch of the websites that show up are impossible to read or navigate on that tiny screen. You’d just get frustrated and give up, right? That’s exactly what Google is trying to avoid with these mobile rules.

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